We're letting content creators deliver lazy, badly thought-out content. And we're paying them over the top for it. Don't believe me? Let's try an experiment.

Close your eyes, and take a deep breath. Feel the suspension of sound as my hand floats higher and higher. Tense at the whoosh of air as its descending arc displaces the elements themselves, accelerating before my palm collides with your cheek hard enough to displace half your face.

Now pick yourself up off the floor, gently unfold your legs and arms until you're standing, and stop whining. Then, repeat after me: "I just enjoyed that, and I will not make up ridiculous excuses to make it sound better".

Was that so hard? Wasn't it so much better than telling me I don't appreciate your favourite movie because I haven't watched it enough times?

If you think you need to watch a movie twice to appreciate its merits, you're either terminally confused by life, or covering up for the incompetent relative who directed it.

It started with The Force Awakens. Star Wars' return to the big screen was a cinematic action feast with the best special effects this side of... well, I had never seen such mastery of screen fakery on that scale to be honest.

It also was a confused, creatively bankrupt emo masturbation fest for fans so engaged in their inbred saga fantasies that they just couldn't handle a Star Wars product that wasn't identical to the old ones.

The only ships on display were Tie Fighters, X-Wings, Star Destroyers and whatever you call the squid general's ship. Oh, and of course the Millenium Falcon.

After destroying the Empire, we couldn't possibly come up with a new enemy, could you? The magical reset button was hit, and the Rebellion (also known as the previous conquerors of the evil Empire) are on the run again. The explanation for that particular cerebral abortion is a piece of lore exposed in the pre-release trailers of all things.

Watching the movie more than once isn't going to make Ben Solo less whiny, it's not going to magically expand a universe that's been force-shrunk to something a half-brained kettle who underwent retardation surgery can easily digest. It's not going to make more ships appear. It's not going to make Phasma relevant...

For example, Zoolander is one of my favourite movies. I have watched it at least a dozen times, and typically start laughing on the first frame and don't stop. There is something about the conceit of adverts being windows into the skewed lives of models instead of carefully orchestrated pieces that just tickles my funny bone.

He turned left! That gets me every time. Just say "MAGNUM!" to make me giggle. Zoolander is also a terrible film. Nonexistent cinematography, sloppy editing, barely acceptable acting... and I still love it. I'm not going to tell you to watch it 12 times like I did or you can't appreciate it.

Because I'm not related to the doofus who made it. I don't have to defend the movie, even though I greatly enjoyed it.

It's becoming a theme. Didn't get the movie? Yeah, it's for fans, you have to watch it six times or you're just not in the club.  Didn't get the plot? Yeah, you didn't follow the 28 pre-release shorts.

You see, if you're willingly engaged in the content your creators are delivering, and love it in spite of its flaws, then OWN IT.

The real issue here is that by engaging in this socially accepted framework of delusion that labels movies as objectively good when in reality you merely enjoyed them for personal reasons, you're allowing our creators to become lazy, to get away with murder in our stories just because we'll still swallow it whole.

By all means go watch your favourite movies multiple times. I watched Gladiator three times the day it was released and then twice again in the weekend after its launch. It was just because my erection wouldn't subside, and I didn't want it to either. It wasn't because it's a perfect movie. It's because I loved it.

Start being critical with the things you love. Separate your love from their merit, and help your creators make them better. It's the only way forward.

If you think my point is unnecessarily harsh, I urge you to take a look at Season 8 of Game of Thrones. You don't want another one of those, do you? You goddamn monsters.