My name is Igor, and I tell stories.

It started early, and it wasn't always about writing either. Stories are everywhere, and I was fascinated by every single twist.

Soon enough, I started telling my own. On the phone, to my first call centre's clients. To my friends and family. To the page.

My first adult job was writing video game reviews for the publishing arm of a large European advertising network. My gift for, er, "adding value to situations" allowed me to move on up and tell bigger, better stories: marketing, campaigns and adverts for an international audience. I was young, and it was an amazing no-sleep rush.

Eventually advertising wasn't crazy enough, and so we went into game development. I wrote, designed, and produced two major commercial releases plus a handful of mobile games and personal projects, most of which still make me proud to this day.

I got some awards. A lot of things worked out, and some didn't. I was gifted with a fresh start even though at the time it certainly didn't feel like I was winning much.

And here I am today. I'm still telling stories. To the page and at work, where we orchestrate small technical miracles daily, all in the name of making people better.

And you know what? This isn't even my final form.